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Eye-catching Logo Design's

When you think of a Logo, you think of the big brands, the one's that stand out above the rest. The type of Logo's that can say a thousand words in 3-5 letters. Something you could see in a glimpse but know exactly where you saw it and what it was. That is what we at Creative Designs strive to achieve with our Logo Designs. We want each Logo to be a memorable one that is going to be fit-for-purpose and exactly what the customer (You!) wants.

Below you will find our packages that are available for purchase. You can book these at any time, once purchased we will contact you by e-mail with a form that you will fill out and return so we can get an idea of the design. 24-48 hours later (depending on package) we will provide the designs in multiple formats. However Merch Packs & Office Packs take a little longer to have made and shipped (more information on this in purchase details) the designs will still be received within the allotted time.

If you have any questions or special requests feel free to contact us below.

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